MK LAB company was established in 2002 with a simple task – to do things better: highly efficiently and in an environmentally friendly way. Since then we have been driven by forces of creativity, innovation, ingenuity and modern design. As a result of our work Zhiraffe was born. Today we export more than 90% of production to more than 50 countries worldwide.


Zhiraffe has a unique elegant design which is perfectly adaptable to the individual tastes of customers. Before the production process we carefully choose top quality materials, taking into account European standards for quality as well as environmental regulations.

Each Zhiraffe carries a personal story of members of our creative team. We strive for excellence and innovation, keeping pace with modern trends in design.

Zhiraffe is ideal for celebrations (birthdays, anniversaries, holidays), suitable as a gift and an inseparable part of the work environment. Zhiraffe can be used for juices, milk, tea, coffee, wine, beer, spirits, cocktails, etc

We use state-of-the-art equipment for designing, engraving and production which allows us to meet the most challenging orders.

Matjaz Kopac, CEO

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